The Bad Apple


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“The BAD Apple” can be ordered in various tie-dye patterns and colors. Implications in dying process results in diverse variations. Exact tie-dye replications in relation to this photo cannot be guaranteed. Here at MomJeans, communication is key. Clients are promised updates on the process of all tie-dye products in order to encourage the best service.

Also Available On Plain Colored Shirts


Here at MomJeans growth is important, but you can’t grow without making a few mistakes to learn from. This means we aren’t afraid of experimentation. Something that I have discovered is that the organic fluidity of paint will never cease to surprise me with new textures and patterns. It gives my work a unique touch that can’t be replicated with a sublimation process. Each and every piece printed with two tones is guaranteed to be one of a kind. With that said clients are able to order their very own print using two tones of their own choice and are updated throughout the process incase the design is not desired.

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