Ironic Roscoe (WIP)


Consider yourself lucky.

Only a dismal amount of anthropologists have been able to scrutinize The Great Ironic Roscoe from such a close distance. How lucky are you! The Ironic Roscoe is the only one left of his kind. In fact, as far as we know there has never been another one of his kind. Fortunately for a limited amount of time, The Great Ironic Roscoe has allowed our cliental to observe his greatness through a virtual interpretation of his form in order for us to learn more about him. It was difficult to convince this shy creature to appear to us at MomJeans. When he did appear however, we were able to sketch down his likeness. He didn’t stay long, so only a few observational sketches were ever recorded. Whether it be out of his own hospitality, or a motive stemming from an egocentric trait of his it remains unclear as to why he decided to appear to us now.  It is nearly impossible to tell when he will appear again, but hopefully this will not be the last that we see of him.


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