Ay Captain! Krackler Here!

Ay Captain! Krackler Here!

LOVE the Kraken? Well you’re looking in the wrong place! This here is the Krackler, a common look-alike monster. Many mistake him for his malicious cousin, but alas this gentle giant only wishes to share a cup of tea with you. Unfortunately, he lacks the sufficient tools for communication with us land locked creatures, and so he resorts to other means of “sucking” our attention. Antics such as grabbing hold of our anchors however have only proven to frighten us humans. Nonetheless the Krackler pushes on.   Will he ever be understood? We may never know…

This piece makes for an incredible addition to ones nautical collection as it commemorates the ocean’s loneliest invertebrate. Calling all those pleased by seafaring and nautical aesthetic to come claim this monumental piece. Available in over 46 products on Redbubble. Come for the tea and leave with octopus memorabilia.

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