3D Sculptures & Wearable Pieces

Honorable Mention: Scholastic Silver Key District Winner; 2016

“My Imagination Bites” (2016 // 24.5″ x 24″) 

Medium: Acrylic on cardboard

Try to imagine a tiny creature cozily curled up in all of our noggins, but each is unique from the next. They even dictate your personality and creative thoughts. Now what kind of creature would you have? I imagined a long, scaly, green lizard with persistent anger issues. My creative thoughts always seem to be rushing at me at high velocities. It feels as though my brain is screaming ideas at me to fulfill to no avail. That is why I wouldn’t be too surprised to find this an incredibly agitated dragon curled around my brain. It would also make sense as to why I am attracted to shiny metals and hoard them to such an excess. The inspiration was from studying Mayan relics. More especially the Mayan’s depictions of Quetzalcoatl in rigid, square forms on various pyramids and ancient structures.


Process Photos for My Imagination Bites

“Interruption of Organic Space Through Geometric Intrusions” (2017)

Medium: Fabric, faux leather, feathers, dyes and acrylic paint (Folk Art Plaid & Americana) for the bag itself and paper mache, with some model magic for the octopus sculpture.

Theme & Characteristics:  Prior to this project, I had very minimal experience with the physical manipulation of fabric, i.e. sewing & fabrication. From my work with silkscreens, I knew how to print and dye fabrics. Due to time constraints on this project I didn’t screen print any works, so all of the designs were instead hand painted. How fun was that! (*sarcastic note) This half, cotton, half faux leather parcel was a part of a project to create a sort of vessel as well as something to put in into it. I choose to once again use one of my favorite theme, mankind’s effects on nature. I represented nature through textures such as the feathers, an earth tone color palette, and my paper mache octopus. More specifically, I used Folk Art Plaid’s, 6462 Iced Coffee, 6456 Mossy Meadow, and Americana’s Golden Straw to paint and dye my fabrics. I also dyed several parts of the parcel with mossy meadows and golden straw to give it a worn in look as well as creating a moss-like texture. On the back I used the spiral tie dye technique to make a muddy looking stained patterns. All of these elements coexist in this piece along with my rigid industrial patterns. For this I choose a seamless optical illusion pattern often seen in relation to the industrial age, most likely for its resemblance to modern building structures.  It creates a barred background that reminded me of prison bars. With this subtle introduction of a rigid pattern you can see that the pattern appears to bar the natural elements in a restraining way.  This is similar to how we attempt to restrain and control nature.

Theme: Humankind’s intrusions on the environment.

 “Is Bigger Better?” (2017 // 30″ x 9.5″)

Medium: Cardboard

Characteristics: The enlargement of this seemingly mundane item brings the irony of its uselessness in this form to light.

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