My Imagination Bites

Honorable Mention: Scholastic Silver Key District Winner; 2016


“My Imagination Bites” (2016 // 24.5″ x 24″) 

Medium: Acrylic on cardboard

Try to imagine a tiny creature cozily curled up in all of our noggins, but each is unique from the next. They even dictate your personality and creative thoughts. Now what kind of creature would you have? I imagined a long, scaly, green lizard with persistent anger issues. My creative thoughts always seem to be rushing at me at high velocities. It feels as though my brain is screaming ideas at me to fulfill to no avail. That is why I wouldn’t be too surprised to find this an incredibly agitated dragon curled around my brain. It would also make sense as to why I am attracted to shiny metals and hoard them to such an excess. The inspiration was from studying Mayan relics. More especially the Mayan’s depictions of Quetzalcoatl in rigid, square forms on various pyramids and ancient structures.


Click to see other 3D works 

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