Beach Vibes Designs

“It’s a Good Thing I Brought This Lantern.”

It's-a-good-thing-I-brought-this-lantern copy.png

Otherwise this cave would’ve been darker…

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“Beachside Takeout”

Beach-Vibes-#1Having difficulty finding new apparel to display your beach-going personality? Look no further. The “Beachside Takeout” is a well balanced blend of subtle oriental influences fluidly placed along with surf inspired art. The idea of creating an island on top of the skull adorned with palm trees came from the literal interpretation of the Japanese “floating island” style. Feel free to boldly symbolize your love for both the ocean and Chinese food by proudly adorning this shirt!

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“Ay Captain! Krackler Here!” 


LOVE the Kraken? Well you’re looking in the wrong place! This here is the Krackler, a common look-alike monster. Many mistake him for his malicious cousin, but alas this gentle giant only wishes to share a cup of tea with you. Unfortunately, he lacks the sufficient tools for communication with us land locked creatures, and so he resorts to other means of “sucking” our attention. Antics such as grabbing hold of our anchors however have only proven to frighten us humans. Nonetheless the Krackler pushes on.   Will he ever be understood? We may never know…

This piece makes for an incredible addition to ones nautical collection as it commemorates the ocean’s loneliest invertebrate. Calling all those pleased by seafaring and nautical aesthetic to come claim this monumental piece. Available in over 46 products on Redbubble. Come for the tea and leave with octopus memorabilia.

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“Lost at Sea”


Haven’t got yer sea legs yet matey? Arghhh ye must be lost! Same as ol’ Red Beard over here. Ayy I was merrily sailing ‘cross ye ocean with me mates when that wretched Krackler took ahold of me anchor! I know he only wishes to drink some tea with me, but next thing I knew we was thrown into a dingy whirlpool. I simply lost my bearings….as well as the rest of me mates, and wound up here..with you……. Who exactly ARE you?!

I reckon ye land folks enjoy consumer products!

Help ol’ Red Beard here get out of Davey Jones Locker by ordering some merchandise today.

Every seashell counts.

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